Techy Teacher Tips: Symbaloo

Since I ever started dealing with sources of information in my classroom, I became more interested in my students’ having safe webpages to look for information. My way of sharing those webpages was through communication copybook, on paper. Non of my students would bother to copy the whole URL from paper to the adress bar, and in that moment Wikipedia came to their minds, with its 50-pages-long articles, ready for students to print and submit by simply clicking.

But that was not the idea. I was certainly sure Wikipedia was not going to make my student’s homework. Just in time, Symbaloo appeared.

What is Symbaloo?

Symbaloo is a free social bookmarking tool. A fun and simple way to organize and store all your digital resources in the cloud. You can categorize your resources, share and access them from any device. Symbaloo allows teachers to share valuable resources with their students and with each other.

You can create as many webmixes as you want, and that will allow you to categorize your sources. For example, in a Social Studies webmix, you can include museums websites, maps, or youtube links to doccumentaries.

All the webmixes are formed by tiles, the proper name to “those little squares”. Each tile contains a link that redirects you to the site it represents.

It looks pretty much like this:

by @TheHarrisTeaching

You can choose Symbaloo as you or your students’ homepage, or you can bookmark it.

The main idea of Symbaloo is to bookmark a database of sources, classify them and share them with your students. You can share links to educational games, videos, interesting websites and also RSS feed. has shared 11 smart ways to use Symbaloo in the classroom:

  1. Share Classroom Website with Your Students and Parents

  2. Customize Your Lesson Plans with Symbaloo by creating webmixes for every subject

  3. Embed a Webmix in Your Classroom Website or Blog

  4. Create Personal Learning Environment For Your Students

  5. Use Symbaloo in Your Library to share resources and book analysis

  6. Use Symbaloo for Curriculum Mapping

  7. Professional Development Sites for Teachers

  8. Using Symbaloo as a School Dashboard

  9. Use Symbaloo to Organize Digital Portfolios for Students (Wonderful ! Will definitely try it)

  10. Use Symbaloo as a Classroom Social Hub

  11. Use Symbaloo to Create Your Classroom Playlist

Symbaloo is a wonderful tool for educators in the 21st Century.



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